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Open Water Data

with Dr. Sara Wylie (Northeastern University), Roseann Bongiovanni (GreenRoots), Xavier Mojica, Leilani Mroczkowski, ECO, Shawn Sullivan, Mike Still, Gustavo Santiago Reyes, Maggie Zhang, Jacqueline Chen, Garance Malivel, Emily Schachtele, and the Boston University Technology and Cyberlaw Clinic

Open Water Data explores new ways to share open data with communities to increase collective engagement and action around important civic and environmental issues.

Open Water Data turns a critical eye on how open data sets about the environment are shared with the public. Where and how are these datasets shared? What knowledge and skills are needed to access and interpret the data? Who do these datasets serve and who could they serve? The project examines the challenges that arise in accessing specific open water quality datasets shared by the government and suggests novel physical forms of these datasets as a starting point for developing new modes of sharing that are more interpretable and accessible.

The first Open Water Data events will be held in the fall of 2018. Events include community installations (Data Lanterns), data workshops, and fabrication workshops. The project also includes ethnographic work and interviews with stakeholders, such as government officials, industry representatives, open data experts, and community members.

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Open Water Data is partially supported by CRESSH. Further documentation can be found on github.