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Sidewalk Print Acorn Ink

Dying with Nature

with Karina Hinojosa

This project explores method for using natural materials for fabric staining, painting and dying. It considers ways to use these processes to represent the local environment, as a form of artisanal data.

Dying with Nature uses objects in the local environment to create a representation of a specific place and time. We tested a range of local natural materials for mark making, including soil, leaves, flowers, acorns, and tree bark. Materials in the cityscape were also included, such as rust from sign poles, sidewalk cracks, and street gratings. Some objects (e.g. soil) were used to create inks, stains, and dyes, others (e.g. sidewalk cracks) were use to create patterns and prints on the fabric, and a few objects were used for both purposes (e.g. leaves, tree bark).

In an era of Big Data, Dying with Nature helps us consider our local environment through a holistic artistic lense. It draws out the experience and physicality that are difficult to capture in digital datasets. These approaches will be used to create new representations of place that reshape data into textile art.

More documentation of these methods and local testing can be found on the project website.