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Alliance Guinea: Guinea Vote 2010 Witness

Alliance Guinea

The goal of this project is to provide Guineans with tools to increase the transparency of their electoral process and to draw the support of the international community to Guinea's first democratic elections.

Alliance Guinea formed September 29, 2009 after a peaceful protest demanding democracy ended in the death of nearly 200 Guinean citizens and the rape of a hundred women in Conakry, Guinea. A non-profit alliance of Guineans, Americans, and other friends of Guinea, the organization's mission is to promote human rights and a peaceful democratic transition to civilian leadership after decades of military rule in Guinea.

Selection of relevant articles:

In pursuit of these goals, Alliance Guinea employs the Ushahidi platform to collect incident reports submitted by ordinary citizens via mobile phone. Volunteers categorize these reports to contribute to a mapping tool and incident list available on the Alliance Guinea website. The system was highly publicized in Guinea and during the elections the site received over 400 mappable reports in a single day from citizens throughout the country. The tool continues to be used to provide a voice to the population in the post-election process and throughout the country's challenging transition to a new democracy.

Role: Perform website and database maintenance for Wordpress and Ushahidi based system as part of the technology team. Customize, debug, and enhance functionality of website and Ushahidi platform. Extract SQL data and summarize incident reporting trends.