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Dressed in Data

Dressed in Data steps beyond data visualizations to create a "Data Experience" around environmental health data. Data is taken from a study by Silent Spring Institute of indoor air pollutants detected in people's homes. Prior research has reported this information back to study participants through paper graphs or digital interfaces. Here, I create four outfits that display the data, each outfit representing findings from a particular participant and chemical class. Wearing these outfits allows people to to experience the findings from their homes and bodies in a new way.

Each pieces is computationally designed. An R script translates the dataset into a lace image that can be laser cut in fabric. Garment patterns are also laser cut and designed to the dataset. Key attributes of the data--as identified by prior research--are mapped to the lace pattern as follows:

The images below display four garments representing chemicals detected in the home of one individual.

The overall goal of "Data Experiences" is to bring information off the screen and into the physical world in a way that engages not only the analytic mind, but also the artistic and emotional self. BigBarChart is another early implementation of this new field I am mapping out in my master's thesis research.

More documentation can be found on the project website and in my master's thesis.