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Save Your Money for a Rainy Day

The goal of this 48 hour Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design project was to create a product that synthesizes two disparate objects.

In order to create a resonant object with strong coherence, concept development centered on possible physical enactments of abstract sayings. Designs also aimed to achieve a level of playfulness while maintaining practicality and to provide an opportunity for users to interact with, not just observe, the object. The final design concept, "Save your money for a rainy day," embodies these goals and responds to the the product prompt, by tying together an umbrella hanger and coin slider to create an interactive everyday object unified by a well-known phrase.

Product development began with sketches and the creation of a series of cardboard prototypes to debug user experience and ensure that the calculated dimensions were suitable to U.S. coins. Once the design was finalized, a polished prototype was created from wood and plexiglass. Tools for product creation include circular saw, router, and laser cuter, as well as well as paint, inks, sandpaper, and glues for product finalization and assembly, and Adobe Illustrator software.

Course: Physical Prototyping with Vinay Venktraman, David Gauthier, and Finn Muller.

Role: Sole product designer and prototype creator.