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Hanover mural

Guinea mural

I frequently paint murals in my living areas as I enjoy having strong colors in my environment.

The first mural began from the Van Gogh painting Wheatfield with Crows. I've often wondered how it might look if you stripped the tragedy and darkness--perhaps its most central part--from it. Here I tried to imitate some of the shapes and colors while also lightening and abstracting the original painting.

I created the second mural in my home in Guinea, West Africa, as a reminder of my home in America. I tried to recreate the feel of the New England seasons I missed: the orange and yellow hills driving on 89N in the autumn, and the geometry of snowflakes falling towards your eyes when you tilt your head to the sky in December. The mural, painted with locally-available paint, proved to be an interesting conversation point and opportunity for cultural exchange with my neighbors.