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Laser Cut Leaves Laser Melting

Laser Cutting Fabric

As a longtime sewer, I'm interested in how laser cutters can be used as a tool for fabric. Laser cutting offers cutting precision and detail that cannot be achieved with scissors or rotary cutters. I've created data lace patterns and fabric patterns immitation nature (e.g. tree bark, beehives, snowflakes) by using the laser cutter, R, and computational design programs.

Laser cutters also can be used to melt or burn fabric, much like an extremely precise iron. By carefully callibrating the raster settings on the laser cutter, I have systematically melted synthetic fabric to create varying textures and alter the fabric's stretch properties. I've also patterned plain fabrics by altering the raster settings to burn the surface. On some fabrics, these burns can be further enhanced by using natural dyes to color the fabric.