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I am a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab in Michael Bove's Object Based Media group. My research takes an artistic systems-based approach to engaging communities with environmental issues. I'm currently focused on (1) a project to help a community understand and improve water quality near local industry, (2) a project to help a community understand and improve urban systems supporting air quality, water management, health, and wellness. These projects also consider the social role of data and the ways in which measuring can become a mechanism for intervention.

For my master's thesis, I developed immersive and aesthetic "Data Experiences" that re-imagined how people interact with information by taking it off the screen and putting it into the physical world. I created human-sized bar charts and data clothing to share results from in-home chemical testing with environmental health study participants.

Prior to joining the Media Lab, I spent five years as a researcher at Silent Spring Institute investigating environmental causes of diseases including cancer and asthma. My research builds from my background in community based environmental health research and fiber art. I have over a decade of experience in textiles, including quilting, natural dying, screen printing, and clothing design and fabrication. I've also explored new modes of fabrication and fusions of technology and fabric.

I have a S.M. from the MIT Media Lab and a B.A. in applied mathematics and religion from Bowdoin College. After undergrad, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bantignel, Guinea where I taught 9th and 10th grade math.

My hobbies include ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, bicycling, and slacklining. I'm a former school record holder and DIII nationals finalist in the 20# weight as well as a DIII Strength & Conditioning All-American. I've also enjoyed pole vaulting, gymnastics, and softball.